SEVERO tequila Tequila, Jalisco, Mexico

Made in one piece, needs no mixer. Inspire Respect.


Made in one piece, needs no mixer. Inspire Respect.


Severo is an ultra-premium handcrafted sipping tequila and is distilled by one of only two remaining Mexican-owned heritage tequila distilleries, Casa Don Roberto. In addition to having one of the first female master distillers on staff, Casa Don Roberto is a family operation that continues to follow the original 100-year-old recipe to create the exceptionally smooth tequila that fills Severo’s bottles.


  • Paying tribute to its heritage and the land that provides the agave, Casa Don Roberto has prioritized putting sustainability at the front and center of its everyday operations.
  • The distillers translate their pride and deep roots of their heritage into taking care of the land that provides the blue agave vital for Severo’s premium tequila. As a result, no portion of the agave goes to waste.
  • To ensure a sustainable distilling process, Casa Don Roberto puts the agave and agave by-products to good use after extracting the juice used to make the tequila.
  • Every step in the tequila-making process at Casa Don Roberto is one step closer to zero waste distilling.
  • During the distilling and aging process of the tequila, the remaining agave fiber is used to feed the cows that roam the estate, make compost that enriches the soil where the agaves grow, and even create the bricks used to build the distillery itself.

Suggested Pairings. By Cristina Bautista, Corporate Sommelier at Severo

  • Such a premium tequila merits bold pairings – flavors that will intensify the experience, allowing you to taste this agave-forward spirit in all its glory.
  • For Severo Plata, a hearty serving of jambalaya, or a bowl of San Francisco’s comforting clam chowder will bring out the agave-forward acidity that characterizes this crystalline liquid.
  • For Severo Reposado, indulging in a citrusy dessert with notes of caramel, orange or vanilla are sure to accent the expression’s velvety texture. Cristina suggests sipping Severo Reposado with carrot cake or a freshly baked apple tart for an ultra-luscious treat.
  • For Severo Añejo, the right food pairing will work in harmony to balance its complex and aromatic flavor. Cristina suggests pairing Añejo with pulled pork, roasted turkey or dark chocolate-based desserts.
  • As for Severo Añejo Cristalino, Cristina offers a wide variety of food pairings for the ultimate gastronomist, including sweet and savory options, ranging from nostalgic nibblings like campfire s’mores to loaded salmon tacos.
  • Severo Añejo Cristalino is best enjoyed with dishes that balance full flavors, incorporating citrus, butter, anis, or tomato to highlight the rich texture of the liquid.


Inspire Respect

Severo Tequila is handcrafted from 100% Blue Weber estate-grown agave and is born from the severe hardship and struggle of the Mexican Revolution, which led to raw pride, energy, emotion, and the birth of Mexico’s national identity, resulting in the establishment of the national drink – Tequila. The recipe is a direct descendent of Mexico’s tumultuous post-revolution period from a pioneering Tequila family, capturing the bold agave-forward flavor reminiscent of this era, yet carefully refined to create a smooth, sippable spirit. Severo Tequila comes in four marques –Plata, Reposado, Añejo and Añejo Cristalino – each delivering a unique, robust flavor that demands absolutely no mixers.