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Group of like-minded industry leaders that speak on flavor trends, emerging cocktail builds, while assisting in amplifying the Hotaling initiatives through social media and purposeful events that drive key brand and cultural messaging.






Rum, Tropical and Tiki Cocktails, and American Cocktail History

Award winning cocktail historian and author who has designed institutional bar programs across America. A leading lady of the tiki movement, her book TIKI Modern Tropical Cocktails has been awarded multiple accolades. Well respected as a modern industry innovator, her spirit knowledge is rooted in tradition while creating for the times. A TOTC Dame Hall of Famer Recipient and member of the LGBTQI community, Shannon is respected beyond measure.

Brooklyn, New York

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Bourbon & World Whiskies, Sherry, Non-Alcoholic Spirits, Eau de Vies

Alex is Co-Founder of Focus on Health (F.O.H), a non-profit industry wellness resource that she founded while still at the award winning Death & Co. After winning countless cocktail competitions and being rooted in the day to day operations of a trend setting bar, Alex had decided in 2022 to enhance her mission of propelling the industry to a more balanced, equitable and healthy state via F.O.H in partnership with her new consulting business, Dim Lights Hospitality.

Denver, Colorado

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Cocktail and Spirits History, Brandy, Whisk(e)y

Former contributing editor to Wine and Spirts Magazine, Erik is a San Francisco innovator and historian with prideful Queens roots. He has worked at bars ranging from neighborhood to Michelin and currently heads the iconic S.F. whiskey institution Rye. When it comes to cocktails, spirits knowledge and industry history it would be hard to find someone who matches his passion and ability to recall accurate historical information at the drop of a dime.

San Francisco, California

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Agave and Liqueurs, Brandy: Armagnac, Cognac and Spanish Brandy with a heavy focus on Pisco

Glendon is a bar owner in the middle of opening a couple of projects, all rooted in a different spirit/ culinary passion and purpose. Winning every big brand competition imaginable, or at least coming close he creates with intention and innovation while maintaining the integrity of the craft and ingredients. His first venture into bar owning landed him the 18th spot on North America’s inaugural World’s Best Bars list.

Washington, D.C.

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Tropical Drinks, Rum, and Agave Spirits

Erika hails from NOLA and embodies the hospitality, drink culture and history the city is known for. Working at Cane and Table she has been able to hone her cane knowledge all while running her own business, Taste of the Tropics where she sells wellness and tropical centered goods on top of hosting cocktail pop-ups. You can catch her beautiful voice on her podcast ‘Good Morning, Daaahling,’ or on one of her singles that can be found on iTunes, ‘Working Girl’ is a banger!

New Orleans, Louisiana

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