anCnoc From Knock, Scotland

Traditional Production Methods Create A Refreshingly Modern Single Malt Whisky That Doesn't Compromise On Quality


Traditional Production Methods Create A Refreshingly Modern Single Malt Whisky That Doesn't Compromise On Quality


anCnoc translates from Gaelic as ‘the hill’, and Knock Hill continues to supply the pure water required, while the two copper pot stills are made to the same design as they were in 1894, their bulbous bases and high necks giving anCnoc a light, fresh flavor. This ‘modern tradition’ is reflected in anCnoc’s contemporary bottle design and packaging and long term backing of the contemporary arts. anCnoc is a brand that is not afraid to innovate and push the boundaries with ground breaking new product launches.


Knockdhu Distillery in Banffshire, producer of anCnoc, opened its doors back in 1894 thanks to the founder John Morrison, a pioneering spirit who saw a golden vision of the future. With a vast expanse of lush green fields, an abundance of peat and barley and the clear crisp springs cascading from the hills and the Great North of Scotland Railway line running nearby. It’s no wonder John Morrison seized the chance to turn nature’s gift into something unique and share it with the world.

History, heritage, pride and passion run through the distillery’s majestic stills today, just as they did all those years ago. As the very first drops of spirit started to flow from Knockdhu’s stills, our story began, a tale of pride and passion. A craft passed through generations who’ve been handcrafting our whisky to share with the world since we opened our doors. And today, we raise a dram to the hearts and souls of yesterday whose spirits continue to run through every drop of our whiskies today. Here’s to visionaries like John Morrison who saw that glistening future reflected in the springs of Knock
Hill and to those who craft our whisky in this present day.

At the Knockdhu Distillery, we go to great lengths to honor the traditional process of whisky making. It’s this traditional process that we can thank for our modern tasting whisky. Over 125 years on, the picture of the past has become our glorious present.



The methods used to make anCnoc have hardly changed in over 100 years, and ironically it's these traditional techniques which help to create the distinctive, modern flavor.

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