Morris Australia

Excellence since 1859. Whisky for today.

Excellence since 1859. Whisky for today.

A distinct style of Australian Single Malt Whisky, finished in the world’s finest fortified wine barrels for exceptional flavour.

The Morris Family began producing fortified wines in 1859, now after six generations of continued tradition the Distillery in Rutherglen, Victoria continues this legacy of craftsmanship.


Our beginnings

In 2016, after a longstanding relationship of over 50 years, the Casella and Morris families united under the name Copper & Grain Distilling Co. Significant upgrades were undertaken at the Morris Rutherglen site, including recommissioning of the original still first installed in the 1930s. Single Malt Whisky production commenced in 2016 with the first barrels laid down early the following year.