Junipero Gin from san francisco, ca

The first of its kind, Junipero fearlessly led the birth of American craft gin in 1996


The first of its kind, Junipero fearlessly led the birth of American craft gin in 1996


The original Anchor Distilling Company was established in 1993 by Fritz Maytag, the same beverage visionary who sparked the craft beer movement with his purchase of Anchor Brewing in 1965. Maytag had rescued the struggling brewery and its iconic steam beer, and after several decades of exclusively producing beer, Maytag saw an opportunity to expand into the distillation of spirits.


Fritz’s vision of a rye whiskey revival was fueled by the bold realization that there were no pot-distilled whiskeys being made legally in America at the time. Finding inspiration in the rye whiskeys of America’s past and the great single malt whiskeys of Scotland, Fritz gathered a small team to begin top secret research and experimentation in the distillery. The first whiskey went into barrel in 1994, and the distillery soon began producing three rye whiskeys under Fritz’s guidance, all pot-distilled spirit from a mash of 100% malted rye. Over time, the range of spirits expanded into other categories, with the addition of Junípero Gin and Genevieve genever. The creation of Junípero was particularly significant, as it effectively started the movement towards high-end craft gin in the United States.


In 2017, Anchor Brewing Company was sold, and although Anchor Distilling Company was not part of the sale, it relinquished the rights to use the “Anchor” trademark. In early 2018, the new name of “Hotaling & Co.” was announced, a reference to one of Anchor Distilling’s most beloved small batch whiskeys and to the San Francisco legend A.P. Hotaling, who came out West during the Gold Rush and quickly became one of the most reputable spirits dealers in the country. Born in 1828, Hotaling moved from New York to California in 1852, where he found his calling in San Francisco as a purveyor of fine whiskeys and proceeded to build the largest liquor wholesaler in the West. In San Francisco drinks culture, Hotaling’s name became immortalized when his whiskey warehouse on Jackson Street survived the 1906 San Francisco earth- quake and fire. Today, the Hotaling name remains a part of San Francisco drinking culture as the distillery celebrates 27 years of production, a proud tradition that will continue into the future.

Junipero Gin

The Original American Craft Gin

The first of its kind, Junipero fearlessly led the birth of American craft gin in 1996.

Decades later Junipero is still made by hand in San Francisco and celebrates those who break with convention to pursue an original path.

More Firsts, Less Fear.

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Junipero Gin

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Junipero Gin

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On International Gin & Tonic Day, a G&T is the obvious choice. But it never disappoints. ...

We're thrilled to be celebrating 25 years of distilling Junipero Gin with an A+ rating from @goodspiritsnews!
"This gins still rocks. Crisp, briskly juniper forward, and fulsome with texture and body, it’s no wonder that Junipero continues to set a benchmark for American gins after a quarter of a century. The nose is enticing, with citrus, herb and piney tones. The mouthfeel has a lovely softness and curious creaminess to the endeavor that settles in after a minute, leaving the palate refreshed and engaged. And the flavor is perfection. Everything in balance and working like a fine tuned machine. This is a great, great gin for any cocktail from the dry Martini to a Gin Blossom and everything in between."

This little still found in the heart of San Francisco would go on to distill 25 years' worth of Junipero Gin. #JuniperoTurns25 ...

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When it was founded 25 years ago in San Francisco, Junipero fearlessly led the birth of American craft gin in 1996. ...