Convite Mezcal From Oaxaca, Mexico

Convite: Gather In Greatness. Convite is rooted in celebration: Named for the Oaxacan gathering of friends.


Convite: Gather In Greatness. Convite is rooted in celebration: Named for the Oaxacan gathering of friends.


Convite is rooted in celebration: Named for the Oaxacan gathering of friends and neighbors that followed a bountiful harvest, this artisanal mezcal embodies the warmth that comes from sharing our success with those around us. Each pour honors the spirit of convite: full of flavor, life, and joy. At every turn, it pays homage to the Oaxacan heritage, from the generations-old process that creates this premium mezcal to the design of its bottle evoking an etched clay pot.

It starts with the agave. In the enchanting mountains of San Baltazar Guelavila in Oaxaca, known as the “Cradle of Mezcal,” there is a serene spot surrounded by stony waterfalls and lush gardens where wild agave grows naturally. It is this agave that becomes some of the best and largest mezcal agave in the world.

But before going from the plant to your glass, it is nurtured and curated by those who practice time-honored Oaxacan traditions. The wild agave is carefully harvested by hand, its leaves and roots cut to remove the plant’s heart. The agaves are cooked in a conical stone oven using oak firewood before being ground with a stone and fermented with spring water from the Zapotec mountains of Sierra Madre del Sur. Finally, the spirit is distilled in a copper still.

And, of course, along ancient knowledge, the process takes time: days of distillation, weeks of patient expectation. But, for a mezcal this unique—that tastes of the earth and the air and very culture from which it comes—it is worth the wait.

Convite is produced in small, exclusive lots to create a superb flavor. And while it shares the tradition of Mexico with the world, it also remains anchored in the power of its community. Planting, harvesting, distilling, bottling, and all other elements of the value chain are completed in Oaxaca by those who call it, and this way of life, home. Convite honors the community from which it is borne through sustainable practices, fair trade, and investing in the local economy. We give give back to the community and people who are sharing this magical mezcal.

For all of its artisanal qualities and for all of the elevated craft that creates each glass, Convite is, at its heart, about connection: The threads of a rich heritage that create the fabric of a community, the ties between the past and the present, and the feeling of gratitude and euphoria that comes when we join together in celebration. With Convite, the true spirit of Oaxaca, we gather in greatness.


Gather in greatness

CONVITE is proud to be a 100% Oaxacan industry, heirs of knowledge transmitted over more than five generations. They believe that a good mezcal is a real elixir for the most discerning palates. Therefore, are committed to protecting their traditions, while offering an artisanal drink of the highest quality.

CONVITE aspires to be a point of reference in their community, by supporting environmental sustainability, fair trade and community development.

In every bottle CONVITE produces, you can find the presence of fragments of ancient traditions, the land where the plant was grown and the knowledge inherited generation after generation.

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