Chinaco Tequila Reposado

Uniquely barrel-aged for 8 to 11 months

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Uniquely barrel-aged for 8 to 11 months

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"The distinctly fruity aroma mixes cooked pear and pineapple, while black pepper tickles the nose. The palate is fruity and lightly sweet, evolving from fresh pear to a honeyed cooked fruit note on the exhale, plus cinnamon and spearmint tingle." - Kara Newman, Wine Enthusiast

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The hearts of ripe agave are harvested, quartered and roasted in autoclave at low temperatures for approximately 12 hours, which is how it's been done at Chinaco since the beginning. The hearts are then pressed and shredded in an old molino (sugarcane press). Fermentation occurs in stainless steel vessels, using the same proprietary ambient yeasts since Chinaco's inception in 1973. The aguamiel is inoculated, fermenting at ambient temperatures for about 72 hours. This long, slow fermentation process with the proprietary yeast contributes to the fruitiness and floral aromatics inherent to Chinaco Tequila. Distillation is overseen by Master Distiller Esther Hernandez, who has been at the distillery for 40 years. Distillation takes place in two copper-lined alembic stills, both purchased in the 1970's and still in operation. Chinaco does not add caramel coloring, oak extract, glycerin or sugar to manipulate its tequila. Chinaco Reposado is unique in that it is barrel-aged eight to 11 months, unlike the many reposados aged in large vats for less time.


  • 91 POINTS | Wine Enthusiast 2018
  • 93 POINTS, FINALIST | Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2016
  • 96 POINTS | Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2015