Hotaling & Co.

Hotaling & Co.

If you’re looking for the world’s only
98.6 proof, hand-crafted, juniper-forward
San Francisco Strength gin…you found it.






Exactly like
nothing else

tasting Notes

Junípero is a bold gin, the kind that gives your mouth a firm handshake. Juniper bursts onto the palate, laying down a smooth bed, as citrus and floral notes saunter in like they own the place. The end resolves to a tidy finish, with a clean and crisp bite that invites another sip.

“Hotaling’s Junípero gin is fresh, light and spicy, unlike any other London dry style gin.”

Danny Louie - Bar Manager, Mister Jiu’s

“I like creating cocktails that highlight the botanical bouquet of Junípero and that allows it's high proof to speak for itself.”

Elizabeth Montana - General/Bar Manager, Forgery & Verso

“It is refreshing to have such a well-made, locally produced gin available behind the bar.”

Ian Scalzo - Owner, Horsefeather

“It could be argued (and won) that this San Francisco Gin jump-started the craft gin movement that has since captured the world.”

Kevin Diedrich - Partner, Pacific Cocktail Haven

“Junípero, like most of what Hotaling distills, is a solid and traditional product. It is not a fly-by-night fad-flavored gin that is trying to capitalize on a trend.”

Megan Daniel - Bar Manager, Whitechapel

Gin Made
Me Do It

By Karri Cormican, Wildhawk, SF

It takes a gin that knows its way around
a cocktail to marry apple, honey and
fennel together so deliciously.

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Gin Made Me Do It cocktail
The Stand By cocktail

Stand By

By Vince Toscano, Rye, SF

Never apologize for venturing out
and expanding what you think of
when you hear “gin cocktail.”

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“Smooth, clean and very dry with assertive,
classic flavors of juniper and citrus:
a martini with one eyebrow raised.”

Eric Asimov, New York Times

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A night filled with great
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course–great gin

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