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Cromdale, Scottland

Caorunn Gin is expertly handcrafted in small batches of 1,000 litres at a time by our Gin Master, Simon Buley at Balmenach Distillery, a working malt whisky distillery in the Speyside region of the Scottish Highlands. Harnessing Scotland’s unique natural resources, Caorunn is made of the highest quality pure grain spirit, crystal clear Scottish water, 6 traditional and 5 Celtic botanicals (Rowan Berries, Heather, Coul Blush Apples, Dandelion and Bog Myrtle). Gin Master, Simon handpicks the Celtic botanicals from the hills surrounding the breath-taking setting of Balmenach Distillery in the Cairngorms National Park, when they are in season.

Caorunn – pronounced ‘ka-roon’ from the Gaelic for Rowan Berry – is a distilled modern London Dry Gin. The botanicals are infused to perfection in the world’s only working Copper Berry Chamber. Built in the 1920s, it was originally designed to extract essential oils to use as a base for perfumes. The spirit vapours pass through the four botanical trays at a very slow rate – 12 litres per minute – to ensure maximum uptake of the flavours and aromas of the botanicals. The result is a dry and crisp, aromatic taste adventure, with floral, fruity notes. The taste is clean, sweet and full-bodied, with a fresh and long-lasting finish.

Apple is core to Caorunn; both as a main infusion botanical and a compliment within our perfect serve; Caorunn is best enjoyed with fizzing premium Indian tonic water and garnished with freshly cut red apple to enhance its invigorating, dry and crisp taste.


Caorunn Gin
Caorunn Gin

Carefully handcrafted in the Scottish Highlands, Caorunn expertly infuses five locally foraged gin botanicals. Artisanal and small batch, beautifully mixing the rugged charm of Speyside with the urban sophistication of modern Scotland. 41.8% ABV

  • Gold Taste Medal | Bartenders' Brand Awards 2020
  • Gold Value Medal | Bartenders' Brand Awards 2020
  • Double Gold Medal | San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2018
Caorunn Highland Strength Gin
Highland Strength

Highland Strength is a bolder Caorunn, inspired by Scotland’s wild mountain landscapes. Bottled at a powerful 54% ABV to highlight the traditional Scottish botanicals infused in our unique Copper Berry Chamber, for a flavour that deserves to be savoured. 54% ABV

  • Double Gold | International Spirits Challenge 2019