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Old Pulteney

Wick, Scotland

Since 1826, Pulteney Distillery by Wick’s historic harbour has crafted a single malt scotch whisky that is the very essence of its coastal location. Being distilled and matured by the sea coupled with meticulous oak cask selection creates as distinctive flavour which sets it apart from other single malt Scotch whiskies. Old Pulteney achieved top ten status in the UK single malt market in 2012, and is renowned for being The Maritime Malt.


Old Pulteney 12 Years Old
12 Years Old

Matured wholly in air-dried, hand-selected ex-bourbon casks, the 'unashamedly excellent' Old Pulteney 12-years-old is the definitive expression in the Old Pulteney family.

Traditionally crafted using techniques that other distillers have long abandoned, this winner of numerous gold medals at the most prestigious international competitions is a high water-mark of quality spirits. 40% ABV

  • Silver Medal | San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2020
  • Gold Medal | San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2018
  • 91 Points | Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2018
Old Pulteney 15 Years Old
15 Years Old

Matured for 15 years, this is our most balanced and smooth single malt. Balancing two different sides of the flavour spectrum, this single malt marries these perfectly, whilst also reflecting our coastal home and its unwavering influence.

On one hand, this is an intense single malt, yet at the same time, it is truly balanced.

Spice and sweetness unite in this naturally rich amber whisky to celebrate rich flavours, yet lighter, more refreshing coastal notes show another side of this single malt. 46% ABV

  • Silver Medal | San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2020
  • Gold Medal | International Spirits Challenge 2019
Old Pulteney 18 Years Old
18 Years Old

Matured for 18 years, this is indulgent and spicy thanks to the casks selected for maturation.

Taking its character and colour entirely from the casks within which it has been nurtured, this is a deeply warming whisky. The indulgence extends through this single malt with chocolate and spice defining the character but allowing for the influence of more vibrant zesty flavours. 46% ABV

  • Gold Medal | San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2020
Old Pulteney 25 Years Old
25 Years Old

For a quarter of a century, casks of this rare expression of Old Pulteney Single Malt Scotch Whisky breathed the invigorating sea air of the Caithness coast. Sheltered from a fast-changing world by the darkened calm of a distillery warehouse, the spirit mellowed at its own steady pace, echoing the reassuring rhythm of its hometown port. Aged firstly in American oak, its spicy sweetness was later granted depth and colour by casks of Spanish oak. Elegant and charismatic, this wonderful whisky embodies both Wick’s spirit of endurance and Pulteney Distillery’s devotion to its craft. 46% ABV

  • Double Gold Medal | San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2020
  • Double Gold Medal | San Francisco World Spirits Competition 2018
  • Gold Medal | International Spirits Challenge 2018
Old Pulteney Huddart

A distinctively smoky take on Old Pulteney celebrating our birthplace.

Richly warming, this single malt embraces a mellow smoky character, whilst very much Old Pulteney at its heart. The combination of influence from the salt-infused sea air and the peat smoke make for a whisky with real character, depth and identity. With a richness extending into its rich gold colour, this single malt offers much in terms of complexity and flavour while subtly reminding us of the place where Old Pulteney began. 46% ABV