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The King’s Ginger

London, England

A High-Strength Ginger Liqueur Fit For A King Is Brought Back To Life From A Historic Recipe

Berry Bros. & Rudd

Berry Bros. & Rudd was established in 1698 at No.3 St. James's Street in London, just up the street from St. James's Palace, where the future King Edward VII was born in 1841. In 1760, Berry Bros. began supplying wine and spirits to the British Royal Family, and they continue to do so to this day.

King Edward VII

In 1901, King Edward VII succeeded Queen Victoria as King of England and Emperor of India, though he had a reputation for being more a socialite than a statesman. Prior to becoming King, Edward was a leader of London society and the fashionable elite, spending his time drinking, gambling, shooting, racing, sailing and eating. Although the Palace decided Edward needed a wife to settle down with, he continued to have many lady friends throughout his life, earning him the nickname "Edward the Caresser."

These included Lady Randolph Churchill (mother of Winston Churchill), renowned actress and beauty Lillie Langtry, actress Sarah Bernhardt, and Alice Keppel-the great-grandmother of Camilla Parker-Bowles.

A Liqueur Fit for a King

In 1900, Edward bought a Daimler car, and thus became the first member of the Royal family to own an automobile. In 1905, he purchased seven more Daimlers in a single year. The Royal Physician became concerned about the monarch's health, exposed as he was to the elements by his passion for riding these horseless carriages. In 1903, Berry Bros. was granted a Royal Warrant and commissioned to formulate a liqueur which would warm and revivify His Majesty during his morning rides: The King's Ginger was born. In addition to serving as a tonic after a session of driving, The King's Ginger also became a tradition at the King's hunts. It is no coincidence, perhaps, that in the first season after the creation of the ginger liqueur, a record 1,300 partridge were shot in one day at Sandringham. In 2009, more than a century later, Berry Bros. & Rudd resumed production of The King's Ginger for a new generation to enjoy.


The King's Ginger
The King's Ginger

The King's Ginger is a high-strength liqueur created from the careful maceration of ginger root and the judicious addition of citrus in the form of lemon oil. This rich golden liqueur has a pronounced spicy ginger emphasis and a delightfully crisp flavor, and has been appreciated by bon viveurs, sporting gentlemen and high-spirited ladies since its royal inception.

The King's Ginger was specifically formulated by Berry Bros. & Rudd in 1903 for King Edward VII. Rich and zesty, the liqueur was created by the royal physician to stimulate and revive the King when he was exposed to the elements in his new horseless carriage, the Daimler. 41% ABV

Tasting Notes:

An instantly warming aroma of ginger, zesty lemon, sherbet and golden syrup. Initial sweetness followed by bite of ginger and lemon tart. Deliciously satisfying and warming mouthfeel. Lingering and extremely long.

  • Silver Medal | New York World Wine & Spirits Competition 2018
  • 94 Points, Finalist | Ultimate Spirits Challenge 2018
  • Gold Medal | WSWA Tasting Competition 2017
  • "It has a rich, full body (thanks in part to the high proof) that's more brown-spirit than fresh ginger, and the taste develops in your mouth to mirror that of a spicy ginger chew." - Serious Eats
  • "In my opinion, the best ginger liqueur is the deliciously spicy and tingling King's Ginger, which also has the rich back story of having been created by London's Berry Bros. & Rudd in the early 20th century for King Edward VII. The King's Ginger launched in the U.S. in 2012. What sets it apart is its higher proof (82), which brings bigger flavor to cocktails." - Jason Wilson, The Washington Post
  • "The legendary British merchant [Berry Bros. & Rudd] was all over the place this year, bringing us this fantastic ginger liqueur made from Glenrothes single malt whisky, macerated ginger, lemon peel, and a bit of cane sugar. You can drink it alone, with ginger beer for an extra kick, or in numerous cocktails." - David Driscoll, K&L Wine Merchants