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Amaras Cupreata Bottle

Press Releases

Anchor Distilling Company And Mezcal Amaras Brings The Rare 100% Cupreata Agave Mezcal To The U.S.

Sell Sheets

Amaras Cupreata Sell Sheet

Awards & Ratings

Double Gold Medal, Best Mezcal

WSWA Tasting Competition, 2016


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Joseph Guinto, Private Clubs

Homemade Cocktail Recipes Made with Different Base Spirits

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A Mezcal Refresher with Sherry, Chamomile and Cucumber

Brian Quinn, Food Republic

Uncorked: What We’re Drinking Now

Penelope Bass & Emma Janzen, Imbibe

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Joseph Guinto, Private Clubs

Experience the Warm, Oaxacan High of Autumn-Spiced Mezcals

The Village Voice

GSN Backbar Review: June 22-26, 2015

Blair Frodelius, Good Spirits News

Review: Mezcal Amaras Cupreata

Christopher Null,

Move Over, Tequila: Why Artisanal Mezcal Is on the Rise

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GSN Review: Mezcal Amaras Cupreata

Blair Frodelius, Good Spirits News

It's a Big Boozy Round-Up! Reviews of New Gin, Rum, Mezcal,

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Product Launch - Anchor Distilling Co's Mezcal Amaras Cuprea

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News Briefs for June 23, 2015

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Anchor Distilling Brings Rare Mezcal to U.S.

Bar Business Magazine