Asian Affair

Sean McClureN/AN/AN/A
2 ozKarlsson's Gold Vodka
.75 ozBoiron Kalamansi Juice
.5 ozThai Basil Syrup*
.5 ozCocchi Americano
2 ozFentimans Ginger Beer


Young Australian Candied Ginger


Highball Glass

Preparation Instructions

In a Boston shaker, combine all liquid ingredients except the ginger beer with cracked ice and shake vigorously for 30 seconds. Double strain over ice into a 16 oz. highball or Collins glass and top with the ginger beer. Garnish with the candied ginger using 2 toothpicks placed on the rim of the glass.

* How to Make Thai Basil Syrup:
1 C Chopped Thai Basil
2 C Granulated Sugar
1 C Water

In a 1 qt. saucepot bring the water and sugar to boil and stir until sugar is completely dissolved. Add the chopped Thai basil to the pot and remove from heat. Let the basil steep for 1 hour or until syrup is room temperature. Strain the basil out of the syrup using a fine mesh sieve and store covered in fridge.


Bartender's personal cocktail- contact if changing ingredients.