A Botanical Garden

Danny LouieAlembicSan FranciscoN/A
1.5 ozHophead Vodka
.75 ozZirbenz Stone Pine
.75 ozFresh Strawberry Juice w/ Xanthan Gum*
.75 ozLemon Juice
.5 ozSimple Syrup


Mint Sprig


Old Fashioned Glass

Preparation Instructions

Combine all ingredients in a shaking tin and give it a short shake, five seconds. Strain into an old fashined glass with three medium sized ice cubes.

*Fresh strawberry juice with xanthan gum for texture and mouthfeel: Set your digital scale to grams. Juice a pint of strawberries. Weigh the rendered liquid from the strawberries. Add .01% grams of xanthan gum to your total weight of rendered liquid and mix with an immersion blender. Fine strain the liquid.

Bartender's personal cocktail- contact if changing ingredients.